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SSMU Alterna-Mars by DragonicSoul SSMU Alterna-Mars by DragonicSoul
Base by :iconssmu:
contest run by :iconblknblupanther:
Editing by :icondragonicsoul:

This doll is not open to item requests. I may open hair at a later date, but would like to make more hair pieces before I do.

My second of 41+ Pixel Dolls for :iconblknblupanther:'s SSMU Doll challenge.

Basically, the participants design at least 3 new fuku, and new characters for each of 41 senshi. Some have their roots in canon Senshi titles, some do not. (I shall be posting a journal re:the list soon)

This is my new!Mars character.

Sigi Bleier (name is German)
Alias: Sailor Mars
Sigi is a fighter, preferring to leap into battle first and ask questions later. This is fitting with her role as the soldier of the God of War. Her attack, "Heat Javelin", generates a long staff of fire in her hands, which she then hurls at the enemy.
(Birthday: March 21)

Sigi is an original character, but the concept of the Sailor Senshi belongs to Naoko Takeuchi. Sigi's role as Sailor Mars was inspired by the character of Rei Hino from Sailor Moon
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Submitted on
June 27, 2011
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